Hurricane Hockey at a Glance (Top Shelf Hockey)

PrintHurricane Hockey at a Glance
Hurricane Hockey is geared to challenging all players, of all
skill levels. Players will be placed in an appropriate line
according to skill level using “ABC” theory.

The “A” line will consist of players showing an advanced skill level in their
respective age category.

Where numbers allow, the “B” line will be made of entirely of female players in their age category.  The lines in this group will be divided as evenly as possible to maintain a competitive balance among all teams.

The “C” line will consist of average and developing players in their age group.

Each line will compete against equally ranked lines. Creating this playing atmosphere will allow all players to be challenged and compete at an appropriate level enhancing confidence and
encouraging skill development in a fun, relaxed environment.

Note: Female players are not limited to the B line.  Girls are encouraged to participate on either the A or the C line if they choose.

• More playing time than regular minor hockey games
• The additional skating, puck handling, passing and
shooting will improve skills
• The creative playing atmosphere will promote
reading and reacting to the plays, and learning to
create “open” ice
• Create opportunities within an informal learning
environment based on fun and participation
• Goaltenders face far more shots and
challenges with odd man rushes than in a regular
minor hockey game

(as provided by Hockey Canada)

Regular Pee Wee level game
- players have the puck an average of 8 seconds
- players will take an average of 2 shots on net
- some players were on for less than 9 minutes of game time.

Hurricane Hockey (4 on 4)
- players control the puck for 1-2 minutes
- goalies had an average of 48 shots (4 per player)
- games average 15+ odd man rushes
- players are guaranteed a minimum of 15 minutes on the ice per game